Specialist Services

BEM Ltd have a range of expertise and specialist equipment within their Specialist Services department to tackle difficult and sensitive management tasks in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Sussex, Kent and Surrey and nationally.

Flailbot Remote Control Extreme Terrain Mower

Our remote controlled flail mower ‘flailbot’ is the tried and tested solution to cutting steep slopes safely. Reservoirs, highways, ditches, embankments, inside dangerous buildings and locations where overgrown vegetation and challenging terrain combine to cause management difficulties are overcome with Flailbot. Slips, falls and other staff injuries that can result in costly litigation claims can be avoided with our remotely operated flail unit. Grass cutting, Scrub and bramble clearance, stump grinding, trenching and a range of other specialist tasks can be performed safely and efficiently with Flailbot.

Specialist Services

Conservation Mowing

Conservation management where cut vegetation needs to be removed from site is effectively dealt with by our BCS Bank Commander with scythe attachment, rake and mini-baler. Effective on flat ground as well as sloped terrain, the bank commander cuts grass and scrub to ground level without mulching. Inputs of nutrients to the soil are therefore avoided which ensure that sites with sensitive floral communities do not lose key plants and associated species. BEM Ltd can undertake regular maintenance at conservation sites on your behalf, under the supervision of our ecologists, and remove cuttings.

Conservation Mowing East Sussex

Hedge Cutting

Seasonal cutting of roadside hedges and verges, access tracks and land boundaries is carried out for a number of clients using our John Deere 613R with Kestrel extendable Flail. Tractor-mounted flail cuts are followed up by hand to ensure a detailed finish. If work is required during bird breeding season, when there is a risk to nests and potential breaches of legal obligations, we can include breeding bird surveys by qualified ecologists to ensure work is legal and with appropriate due diligence.

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