Conservation Management

Conservation ManagementCreating a habitat for wildlife is becoming increasingly important when planning large infrastructure projects, managing land as a statutory undertaker or when planning a new development. BEM Ltd can advise on appropriate conservation management options that fulfil obligations and promote biodiversity at a reasonable level for the organisation.

With many landowners required to maintain Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) in a good condition, we can:

  • Create SSSI management plans to budgets and land-use constraints that ensure SSSI land holdings are in ‘favourable’ status condition
  • Deliver the agreed elements of a SSSI management plan
  • Undertake liaison with external Regulators on the Client’s behalf

Customer expectation and legal drivers often place an emphasis on landowners taking account of biodiversity and safeguarding it against net declines during their operations.

BEM carry out a range of biodiversity management activities that ensure an organisation can report strong conformity and compliance to regulators, shareholders, the public and interested third parties.

We can also produce detailed reports for annual returns that highlight the positive work that our clients undertake; thus bolstering Corporate Reputation.

We operate primarily in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Sussex, Kent and Surrey but will also work nationally.

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